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We offer Internal Audit services to financial service providers in the UAE. Our team of experts ensures compliance and identifies opportunities for improvement to optimize business processes.
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Internal audit services bring value to the entire organization in addition to providing confidence to the Board. The MS internal audit service is created to deliver ideas and innovation to Executives and the Board, assisting businesses in achieving their ambitions. It provides assurance that financials, governance, risk management, and internal controls are effective.
We create and provide appropriate internal audit services for both large and small firms, including comprehensive risk assessments across the organization, strategic internal audit programs, and reporting findings to management, the board, and other stakeholders. Along with identifying problems, we work with management to design custom solutions and set up the necessary controls.
Internal auditing plays a key role in helping an organization protect its resources, reputation, and sustainability while also assuring its efficient operation. The position also plays a number of other important responsibilities in businesses, though. The internal audit function is expected to assess risks, keep an eye on and evaluate controls, guarantee reporting accuracy, and enhance operations. The internal auditor is also expected to investigate fraudulent activity, ensure protections to stop it from happening again, examine systems and procedures, and provide senior management with unbiased observations and advice.
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Why should organization conduct
Internal Audit?
Internal audit contributes to improving the organization's overall governance structure, including the internal control framework and procedures as well as strategic risk management. Any organization can benefit from an efficient internal audit function because it aids in achieving goals.

Our Internal Audit Services includes

Internal Audit Outsourcing
Internal Audit Co-Sourcing
Quality Assurance Review
Process and Internal Controls Consulting
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