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While the internet's rapid development has changed how people access information and communicate, improvements in data integrity and storage have sputtered. We can stream videos, communicate our opinions with people around the world, or instantly find a remote restaurant & order food using the internet. Data still gets lost, corrupted, filtered, unintentionally deleted, hacked, stolen, and destroyed despite the development of cloud storage technology.
Blockchain has the potential to solve all these issues. Developed in 2008, Blockchain is a technique for confirming bitcoin transactions, consist of a time-stamped, append-only collection of immutable data blocks that are not held by any one entity. A block of data cannot be altered or withdrawn after it has been added to the chain using cryptography. Bad people cannot alter it. Censors cannot take it away. What has already been given cannot be stolen by hackers. It could be just as ground-breaking for recording and data integrity as the internet has been for data access.
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How can MS add value leveraging Blockchain technology?
MS provide industry-specific blockchain solutions that deliver top-notch security and mobility to your companies, regardless of whether you're wanting to incorporate blockchain as an application layer on top of your current legacy system or need a full-scale standalone blockchain solution. By incorporating the most recent distributed ledger technology, smart contracts, and identification solutions, our team of highly qualified engineers and designers can assist your company in leveraging the potential advantages of blockchain.

Why adopt Blockchain?

Enhanced data security
Automation of transactions
Data storage
cost reduction
Elimination of duplicated data
Irreversibility of records
Strong Audit Trails

Our key expertise covers

Smart Contract Development
Product Traceability
Blockchain Consulting
Blockchain Development
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