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Unlock growth potential with our Transaction Advisory expertise – where every deal is more than numbers, it's a strategic journey. Navigate transactions with confidence, maximizing value and minimizing complexities, as we turn opportunities into success stories.
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Every thriving organization recognizes the importance of strategic growth, which often involves acquiring, investing in, selling, and divesting from businesses. Transactions are by nature a risky growth strategy and critical to the financial health of any organization, where even the slightest judgment or assessment error can have profound consequences. Our experts have extensive experience in identifying transaction risks as well as verifying your investment strategy through financial performance analysis, the discovery of synergy opportunities, and due diligence regarding the reliability of reported earnings. At MS, we educate our clients to the dot before them entering a transaction. Our commitment is to deliver excellence in Deal Advisory, Due Diligence, Finance Modelling, and Valuation. With our expertise, your financial goals become milestones, and your business achieves new heights. Explore the possibilities, make informed choices, and embark on a journey of financial success with MS.

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Our Services
Deal Advisory

Deal Advisory

We work closely with you to navigate the complexities of the M&A landscape and enhance the likelihood of a successful and value-creating transaction.

Due Diligence

Due Diligence

Due diligence is crucial in shaping the negotiation process, determining the purchase price, and mitigating potential risks associated with the transaction. We conduct Financial, Operational and Legal due Diligence for you.

Financial Modelling

Financial Modelling

Financial modelling plays a crucial role in supporting negotiations, determining the value of the deal, and providing a basis for decision-making in M&A transactions enabling to assess the financial implications of the deal and make informed choices about whether to proceed with the transaction.



Valuation is a critical aspect in Mergers & Acquisitions, as it helps both buyers and sellers assess the fair market value of the respective companies, facilitating negotiations and decision-making.

Our Services
Deal Advisory

Deal Advisory

We work closely with you to navigate the complexities of the M&A landscape and enhance the likelihood of a successful and value-creating transaction.

Benefits of Transaction Advisory
Risk Identification and Mitigation

Advisors identify potential risks early in the process, allowing businesses to develop strategies to mitigate these risks and helps in minimizing unforeseen challenges during and after the transaction.

Valuation Expertise

Accurate valuation is crucial in negotiating a fair deal. Transaction advisors bring expertise in valuation methodologies, ensuring that the deal reflects the true value of the business and satisfies the expectations of both the buyer and the seller.

Synergy Identification

Advisors assess potential synergies between the acquiring and target companies, helping to identify areas where the combined entity can achieve cost savings, operational efficiencies, and enhanced overall value.

Efficient Execution

Advisors streamline the entire M&A process, from due diligence to post-transaction integration, ensuring that each step is executed efficiently.

Regulatory Compliance

Navigating the complex regulatory landscape is a critical aspect of any transaction. Transaction advisors ensure that the deal complies with legal and regulatory requirements, obtaining necessary approvals and addressing potential challenges.

Enhanced Negotiation Position

With comprehensive knowledge of the target company's strengths and weaknesses, advisors assist in negotiating favourable terms for their clients.


Why MS
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At MS, we bring a wealth of experience and a client-centric approach to every transaction. Our team of seasoned experts is dedicated to understanding your unique business needs, industry dynamics, and financial objectives. We don't just advise; we partner for your prosperity. Ready to embark on your next transaction journey? Let us be the catalyst for your success in the dynamic world of transactions.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What is transaction advisory services?
Transaction Advisory Services involve a range of professional services provided by experienced firms to helps to navigate the intricacies of buying, selling, or merging of businesses. These services provide strategic and financial insights for decision-making throughout the M&A process.
Who should look for transaction advisory services?
Transaction advisory services can be beneficial for a variety of individuals and entities involved in mergers, acquisitions, and other financial transactions such as Corporate Entities, Individuals looking for exit from business, Businesses looking for expansion and growth etc.
What is financial due diligence?
Focuses on assessing the financial health of the business. It includes a thorough review of financial statements, accounting practices, cash flows, and financial projections.
What is the difference between deal advisory and transaction advisory services?
"Deal Advisory" and "Transaction Advisory Services" are terms that are sometimes used interchangeably. Deal advisory generally broader spectrum and has more strategic focus and includes a comprehensive approach than transaction advisory which is transaction centric, includes financial and operational due diligence and post transaction support.
How is transaction advisory different from audit?
Purpose of transaction advisory is to provide insights and analysis to help clients make informed decisions regarding their investments or transactions whereas, main goal of an audit is to provide assurance to stakeholders, such as investors and regulators, about the reliability of the financial information presented by a company.
What is legal due diligence?
Examines the legal aspects of a business, such as contracts, agreements, litigation history, intellectual property, regulatory compliance, and any legal risks or liabilities.
What is due diligence?
Due diligence is an investigation or examination of a business/ transaction conducted by potential buyers, investors, to assess various aspects of the subject being investigated. It is a crucial process during buying or selling a business, providing a thorough understanding of the risks and rewards associated with the subject. Due diligence can be applied in various contexts, primarily in mergers and acquisitions.
What are the outputs I get on availing transaction advisory?
The outputs for a client, upon availing transaction advisory services are the due diligence report, deal advisory, financial modelling and valuation report.
What are the various types of due diligence?
The due diligence services includes Operational Due Diligence, Financial, Legal, Commercial, HR, Tax, IT, Regulatory due diligence and so on.
Which areas do MS provide transaction advisory services for?
We provide expert advice in Deal Advisory, Due Diligence and Finance Modelling and Valuation.
What is operational due diligence?
Evaluates the operational aspects of the business, including management structure, business processes, supply chain, production capabilities, and key operational risks.
What are the results of a due diligence process?
The due diligence report, which will include the results of the due diligence and potential impacts study based on the issues mentioned in the report.