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Add more value to your M&A endeavours with our premier sell-side advisory services. Trust us to seamlessly execute your sell-side strategy, leveraging our insights and network to unlock endless opportunities.
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Navigating the sale of a business is a complex and time-intensive undertaking. Numerous challenging tasks must be addressed before the selling process commences. Strategic value planning is a key in positioning your firm accurately in the market and securing an optimal valuation. Engaging MS, on the sell-side business advisory is a prudent choice, as our expertise can assist in prompt preparation, ensuring a seamless and stress-free transaction experience. Organizations can identify the value of their portfolios and reduce interruptions with the aid of MS sell-side advisory services. Our team of specialists assist you to secure optimal value in your business transactions through deal strategy, buyer identification, financial modelling, value optimization, negotiation and deal execution.

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Benefits of Sell Side Advisory
Optimized Valuation

Our experienced team conducts a thorough analysis of your business, leveraging market insights and financial expertise to determine the optimal valuation. We work to maximize the value of your business in the current market.

Confidentiality Assurance

We understand the sensitivity of selling a business. Our robust confidentiality protocols ensure that the process remains discreet, safeguarding your business's reputation and minimizing disruption to daily operations.

Professional Representation

Presenting your business in the best light is essential. Our team provides professional representation, showcasing the strengths and potential of your company to potential buyers.

Streamlined Process

Selling a business can be complex. Our team efficiently manages the entire process, from preparing marketing materials to coordinating due diligence, ensuring a smooth and timely transaction.

Negotiation Expertise

Negotiating the best terms is a critical aspect of the sale. Our experienced negotiators work tirelessly to secure favorable terms for you, maximizing your returns and ensuring a successful transaction.

Focus on Your Core Business

With us handling the complexities of the sale, you can stay focused on managing and growing your business until the deal is successfully closed.


Why MS
as your partner in Sell Side Advisory

From meticulously valuing your business to crafting compelling marketing materials, conducting thorough due diligence, and negotiating favourable terms, MS orchestrate every step of the process with precision. Our expertise extends beyond transactions to strategic positioning, ensuring that your business is showcased to its full potential. With a client-centric approach and a track record of successful deals, we are poised to add significant value to your sell-side experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What is a fair purchase price?
The fair purchase price is determined, considering various factors such as the target company's financial performance, growth prospects, competitive position, synergies, market conditions, and strategic fit with the seller's evaluation of their business and their requirement. It's essential for both parties to conduct thorough due diligence and seek professional advice from financial advisors, accountants, and legal experts to ensure a fair and mutually beneficial deal.
What will be the fees for a sell side advisory?
Generally, sell side advisories charges fee based on any of the following basis namely success fee, retainer fee, hourly or daily rates and also includes the out-of-pocket expenses, if any.
Why should I thoroughly check a company coming forward for acquiring my business?
Thoroughly checking a company coming forward to acquire your business is a critical step in the M&A process to ensure a successful and mutually beneficial transaction for all stakeholders involved.
When will I be required to sell my business?
The decision to sell a business is a complex and personal one. Most common reasons are exit, lack of succession, financial reasons etc. Business owners should carefully assess their own circumstances, market conditions, and long-term objectives before deciding to sell. Seeking advice from financial, legal, and business professionals can help inform this decision and ensure a successful transition.
Why should I hire an advisor on the sell side?
Hiring a sell-side advisor offers numerous benefits for selling your business. With expertise in M&A, they navigate complexities and leverage their network to find suitable buyers. Their understanding of valuation ensures fair pricing, while managing the entire process saves you time and allows focus on running your business. Their involvement adds credibility, boosts confidence, and speeds to the potential transaction. Overall, engaging a sell-side advisor enhances the likelihood of a successful sale and optimizes the value of your business.
What are the activities of a sell side advisory?
The sell-side advisory firm acts as a trusted advisor to the seller, guiding them through every step of the sale process and helping them achieve the best possible outcome for their business. Their major activities include:
Business Valuation, Due Diligence preparation, Negotiation Support, Transaction Management, Deal closing, Strategic Advisory etc.