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Looking for expert guidance on your company's sell side strategy? Our Sell Side Advisory team in the UAE can help. With years of experience, we offer comprehensive support to help you achieve optimal results for your business.
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You need a business advisor that can effectively serve as a mediator between the buyer and seller while selling your company. Organizations can identify the value of their portfolios and reduce interruptions with the aid of MS sell-side advisory services.
To focus on selling or winding down firms in noncore or unattractive areas, MS can identify enterprises that are best positioned for growth. We will perform a thorough sell-side corporate due diligence and give you the necessary data to find and reduce stranded expenses, hence reducing the impact on the firm. MS Assess different divestment possibilities to increase deal value by assisting you in finding the right buyers, negotiating deals, and closing sales.
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How can MS assist you?

Supervising due-diligence process
Pre-sale analysis,
Financial modeling,
Negotiation and deal closure
Determining the right value
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