Mergers & Acquisitions

Looking for expert guidance on mergers and acquisitions in the UAE? Our financial services team is here to help. We provide comprehensive support for all stages of M&A transactions, from strategy and due diligence to valuation and negotiation.
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When you merge or combine your business operations, overall performance efficiency typically rises. Recent times M&A have gained momentum in emerging and fast-moving UAE business world. Mergers and acquisitions in the UAE necessitate the involvement of experts who are familiar with the country's legal and tax systems.
MS can quickly deploy skilled professional team that combine specialized M&A tax expertise with local and sector knowledge to handle any type of transaction you are considering, including an acquisition, disposition, merger, joint venture, IPO, public-to-private, restructuring, or refinancing.
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Type of Mergers & Acquisitions

Vertical integration
A combination of two or more businesses engaged in a comparable form of production or industry to increase market share.
Horizontal integration
The practice of one company acquiring another that operates in the same general areas or sectors is known as horizontal integration.
Acquisition of unrelated companies that continue to produce in unrelated sectors.
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