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Chart Your Growth Journey with Confidence through Expert Buy-Side Advisory Services. From Target Identification to Seamless Integration, We Empower Your Success. Unleash Opportunities, Minimize Risks – Choose MS for Informed Acquisitions and Sustainable Business Transformation.
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Acquiring businesses can be a highly cost-effective strategy for business expansion. Companies evolve meticulously over time, tailoring their operations to align with organizational goals. However, if not executed judiciously, implementing excessive changes can affect a company's long-term sustainability. Engaging buy-side services holds several advantages for those contemplating a business acquisition. While you may have a general idea of your acquisition goals and anticipated benefits, a specialized buy-side advisor can expedite the process. We, the team at MS, bring extensive expertise to the table, simplifying the journey by negotiating and advocating for your best interests throughout the entire process.

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Benefits of Buy Side Advisory
Expertise and Experience

Get wealth of experience and knowledge to the table, navigating the complexities of the acquisition process and providing valuable insights.

Market Insight and Research

We conduct thorough market research to verify whether potential target companies align with the buyer's strategic objectives.

Valuation Services

Determining the fair market value of a target company is critical. We employ various valuation methods to assess the worth of the target, ensuring that the buyer pays a reasonable and competitive price.

Negotiation Skills

Negotiating the terms of the deal, including purchase price and other relevant conditions, is a delicate process. We leverage their negotiation skills to secure favorable terms for the buyer, maximizing value and minimizing risks.


Maintaining confidentiality during the acquisition process is essential. We play a key role in managing the flow of information and ensuring that sensitive details are protected throughout the transaction.

Speed and Efficiency

With their experience and resources, we can expedite the acquisition process. This speed and efficiency are particularly valuable in competitive markets where swift decision-making can be a key advantage.


Why MS
as your partner in Buy Side Advisory

At MS, we are your dedicated partner in navigating the complex realm of buy-side advisory. With our client-centric approach and a proven track record in successful acquisitions, we stand ready to add significant value to your buy-side experience. Partner with us to unlock the full potential of your investment and achieve a transformative acquisition.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What is a fair purchase price?
The fair purchase price is determined, considering various factors such as the target company's financial performance, growth prospects, competitive position, synergies, market conditions, and strategic fit with the buyer's existing operations. It's essential for both parties to conduct thorough due diligence and seek professional advice from financial advisors, accountants, and legal experts to ensure a fair and mutually beneficial deal.
What are the potential risks and challenges in Buy side M&A?
Potential risks and challenges in Buy side M&A include overpaying for the target company, integration challenges, cultural differences, regulatory hurdles, financing issues, Tax Compliances, and failure to achieve anticipated synergies or growth objectives.
What will be the fees for a buy side advisory?
Generally, buy side advisories charges fee based on any of the following basis namely success fee, retainer fee, hourly or daily rates and includes out of pocket expenses, if any.
What are the activities a buy side advisor can do for me?
The role of a buy side advisory includes the following:
Deal Sourcing, Due Diligence, Valuation Analysis, Deal Structuring, Negotiation, Transaction Management etc.
How should I select a target business for acquisition?
Selecting a target company includes evaluation of several factors such as strategic fit, financial aspects including ratios and performances, market potential, operational capabilities, valuation, risk, and challenges and exit strategy etc. By evaluating these criteria, buyers can select the target business for acquisition.
Why should I hire an advisor on the buy side?
Getting a buyside advisory firm to help you buy business can be a game-changer. Buy side advisor knows all the insider tricks, from finding deals and figuring out what they're worth, to talking terms. Also, having got the right contacts, knowing the market, and are ace at making sure you get the most, do the heavy lifting so you can relax
How do you value a target company in Buy-Side M&A?
Several methods are used, including comparable company analysis, discounted cash flow, and transaction multiples.
How does due diligence work in Buy side M&A?
Due diligence involves a comprehensive review of the target company's financial, operational, legal, and regulatory aspects. It aims to identify potential risks, liabilities, and opportunities associated with the acquisition.
What role do investment banks and advisors play in Buy side M&A?
Investment banks and advisors provide valuable guidance and support throughout the Buy side M&A process. They assist in target identification, valuation, negotiations, due diligence, financing, and deal structuring.
Why should I buy a business which is being exited by an owner?
The decision to buy a business being exited by an owner should be based on a thorough assessment of its strategic fit, financial performance, growth potential, and risk factors, as well as your own business objectives and capabilities. There could be good business being exited by owners due to no succession for them.