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We love minimizing our clients’ tax liabilities. Isn’t that you’re looking for?
But why? Because it’s what we’re good at and it’s guaranteed to put a smile on the face of any shrewd business. There’s a lot more in a simple smile, we believe.
Tackling tax is all about adopting a commonsense approach that fits the individual. Much like a fingerprint, every business’ tax situation is unique – there’s no one-size-fits-all. So, we look at your circumstances with fresh eyes and apply our expertise according to your business’ numbers.
If we already produce your annual accounts, this process will be seamless. Our Tax team work closely with our Accounts team to amplify efficiencies and value. We’re also proactive about how your tax liability can be mitigated and, importantly, what can be done in future to reduce your tax burdens. We can ensure your business is fully compliant with the numerous key filings and legislation, and that you have minimized your liability.
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International Tax
Insight on the Introduction of the new Economic Substances Rules in the UAE.
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Cabinet issued the Economic Substance Regulations requiring all UAE onshore and free zone companies that conduct
“Relevant Activities” to have demonstrable economic substance in the UAE with effect from 30 April 2019. UAE based companies will be required to report financial data on their Relevant Activities on an annual basis to the regulatory authority. Non-compliance with the rules will result in penalties. To guide you through this new development, we are delighted to provide Tax advisory led by tax specialists in the UAE who will walk through the following key areas:
  • What are the newly introduced economic substance thresholds and related compliance requirements
  • How the new requirements will impact UAE based businesses
  • MS’s approach to the new rules
  • Q & A Session
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