Economic Substance Regulation (ESR)

The international tax regulations in UAE require businesses involved in certain activities to demonstrate they have a legitimate economic presence. Don't risk penalties for non-compliance! We can help you navigate the Economic Substance Regulations and ensure your business operates smoothly.
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To comply with international standards, the UAE established Economic Substance Regulations (ESR). These regulations target companies conducting specific business activities in the UAE, regardless of location (mainland, free zones, or offshore). This ensures a level playing field by addressing benefits gained from low-tax environments. ESR applies to businesses and individuals engaged in "Relevant Activities" (RA) such as banking, fund management, insurance, shipping, distribution, leasing, headquarters functions, holding companies, and intellectual property management. Companies must comply by filing annual reports demonstrating their real economic activity in the UAE. MS can help you to comply with these regulations effortlessly.

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We guide you through the whole process of ESR, ensuring they meet international standards and avoid penalties with our valuable services.

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ESR compliance is mandatory for businesses in the UAE mainland, with hefty penalties for non-compliance. Our services at MS can help you navigate this process, ensuring your business aligns with global standards. We make ESR compliance simple and act as a valuable asset for your business in the ever-changing UAE market. Our services not only pave the way for success but also position themselves as an invaluable asset to your business in the dynamic and evolving UAE market.

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