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“To win in the marketplace, you must first win in the workplace” – And we are with you in this!
One of the primary and fundamental aspects of a business is to ensure that the employees are kept in high regard with good morale.
Once you are assured the employees have the motivation and morale to work, it’s an added perk to the business – contributing to success, because you are home to a bunch willing to put an additional effort to gear up the business. Hence, it is vital to ensure that the employees’ wellbeing is taken care of, by maintaining good harmony in the working environment by paying decent salaries on schedule.
Furthermore, payroll management can seem a bit insurmountable if not handled with absolute precision and care as it involves accounting for many factors rather than just wage calculation such as vacation, additional expenses like accommodation, insurance, medical expenses, etc.
To make the ordinary a little easier for businesses, when it comes to payroll management, it is advisable for businesses to hire payroll management services. This would create room and allow businesses to focus on other important factors that can help develop the growth of the business rather than worry about payroll management. Thereby, increasing the efficiency of the business.
Managing all financial responsibilities like payroll management and accounting is a hectic process being very time-consuming. Many businesses still carry out such activities themselves not realizing the quantum of resources being consumed. It is definitely observable that payroll management is an important fundamental activity in every business.
In addition, there are many fundamental factors that are considered when managing the payroll of a business. These factors include precision and accuracy whilst maintaining confidentiality also adhering to the labor laws and regulations where at least one accountant or HR assistant should be present to handle the procedures of payroll for a company.
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Payroll Services
MS provides Payroll Services In Abu Dhabi, UAE and with our expertise, our invaluable clients have always enjoyed the following:
Cost Saving
Even though payroll management does not affect the sales of a business directly, it still has the potential to place a business in jeopardy if not carried properly. In UAE, it is mandatory for businesses to adhere to the rules and regulations of the laws with respect to labor and employment. If these laws aren’t being complied by the businesses, hefty penalties will be imposed. Moreover, it is important for an organization to understand the hour and wage laws including the technical aspects such as sick leave and overtime pay. Furthermore, unemployment compensation, as well as gratuity pay for every employee, are all our expertise.
Enhanced Security and Confidentiality
The problem of security or information theft can arise when in-house employees are employed for payroll. Outsourcing the payroll function will mitigate the risks of leakage of sensitive information and potential misuse of company funds. MS ensures that all the data remains secure. We keep an accurate record to ensure data protection and security.
Manage Employee Information
To have a place to accurately store and manage all the employee information in one place, without any more additional tool.
Generate Reports Related To Employees
To have a place to accurately store and manage all the employee information in one place, without any more additional tool.
Focused Attention On Core Activities Of The Business
All of these fundamental activities are extremely time-consuming and thus diverts the attention of the business from other more salient functions. It is also understandable that implementing and managing payrolls drain a company’s valuable resources. If a company is to implement such systems, it will require the purchasing of additional hardware and infrastructure inclusive of software and network capabilities that require consistent updates and maintenance. This can be a bit difficult for businesses as they would have to invest a considerable amount under budgetary conditions.
At MS, our payroll outsourcing services eliminates this difficulty. We provide our clients with a very dedicated and reliable payroll management team who can solve payroll related issues along with an assurance of full compliance with regulations of the UAE.

Our Services Include:

Computation of end of service benefits as per the regulations.
Management of Employee travel expenses.
Processing of Salaries.
Maintaining a secured database that contains information about the employee and will be updated on a regular basis.
We deliver personalized accurate payroll calculations which include regular and extra payroll calculations, bonus calculations, vacation pay calculations, overtime, etc.
Maintaining leave records and entitlements.
According to the regulations, all employers registered with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) must subscribe to Wages Protection System (WPS) and pay the wages of their employees through the WPS, as per the due dates. Under this system, the salaries of employees will be transferred to their accounts in banks or financial institutions, which are authorized by the Central Bank of the UAE to provide the service.
We use the Wage Protection System (WPS) to generate the employee file as well as the payslip. The employees will be paid on your behalf automatically through the WPS on time!
If you knew, that hiring a great team – is a strong pillar for your organization, then know that having a great system in place to manage the team efficiently is the next.
To the business owners, we say – the dream of ease, performance, management, accuracy, and optimization. And know that, you are a business owner, so let us be the payroll expert!
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