"Establish your Sustainable Business in UAE's Masdar City Free Zone - Your Gateway to Regional Success".Looking to set up your tech business in the UAE? Masdar City Free Zone offers a strategic location, favorable regulations, and a unique sustainable living environment for startups and established tech companies alike. Looking to set up your tech business in the UAE? Masdar City Free Zone offers a strategic location, favorable regulations, and a unique sustainable living environment for startups and established tech companies alike.Masdar City Free Zone: The Ideal Location for Sustainable Tech Businesses in UAE Masdar City, located 17 km from Abu Dhabi, is a planned city that serves as a role model for sustainable urban growth. It is built entirely on renewable energy sources and serves as a regional hub for clean tech businesses. The Masdar City Free Zone is the perfect destination for technology companies and general businesses looking to establish or expand their roots in the United Arab Emirates.
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Benefits ofMASDAR
  • Proximity to ports, airports, and commercial centers*
  • Favorable regulations and cost-effective license packages
  • Unique sustainable living environment
  • Strategic location for reaching a massive geographical reach
  • Offers unique services like flexible visas, medical services, flexi, and service desks, furnished and serviced offices and so much more.
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Business Setup Process in MASDAR

Setting up a business in Masdar City free zone is a streamlined and effortless process. The company formation process consists of three stages:
Register Your Business Name
Fill out the name registration form and pay the AED 2,000 name reservation fee to the Free Zone Authority. Submit the paperwork to the Department of Economic Development (DED) of Abu Dhabi.
Submit the License Form
Complete and submit the licensing form along with your business plan and other essential documents. Once the Free Zone Authority reviews your documents, you will receive an Acceptance Letter in approximately 3 days.
Open a Corporate Bank Account
Get a bank introduction letter from the Masdar City free zone authority to open a corporate bank account. Obtain a Capital Confirmation Letter from the bank after opening the account.
Acquire Your License and Sign the Lease
Give the Free Zone Authority the letter of Capital Confirmation, sign the Memorandum and Articles of Association (MAA), and receive the license agreement. Sign the lease agreement to obtain the trade license.
It is important to note that the process of company formation may vary depending on the type of company and business activity. Seeking guidance from a local business consultant or law firm is highly recommended to ensure a smooth process.
For reliable and expert advice on financial, investment, tax, and corporate finance matters, Masdar Free Zone Business Consulting offers a comprehensive range of services, including Financial Advisory Services, Investment Consulting, Corporate Finance Solutions, Accounting Services, Tax Planning, Risk Management, Business Growth Strategies, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Market Research. Contact us today to begin your business journey in Masdar City free zone.
MASDAR License Categories
The Masdar City free zone is an ideal destination for those interested in investing in technology, sustainable solutions, and educational institutions, and offers 19 license categories that encompass thousands of business activities. These categories include Renewable Energy, Cleantech and Information & Communications Technologies, Marketing & Events, Human Resource Development, General Service Providers, Energy Industry Goods & Services, Industry Goods & Services, Healthcare, Carbon Management, Property Management Services, Community Services Development, Holding Company, Trading Company, Business Center, Data Center, Onshore and Offshore Oil and Gas Field and Facilities Services, Environment, Nuclear Energy, and Outsourcing Services. This provides a great opportunity for organizations, SMBs, entrepreneurs, and startups to engage in permitted activities in a progressive community committed to green living. Choose the right category that suits your business needs and make the most of the business-friendly environment in the Masdar City free zone.
"Acquiring the license is not the only requirement for being registered under the MASDAR Registration Authority. Office space is mandatory to get your entity functioning. "
Documents Required for the Incorporation
The Masdar Free Zone requires detailed documentation for company formation. We have compiled a list of all necessary documents for application below:
  • The business plan (Details of Share Holder(s) or Parent Company)
  • Original Certificate of Registration of the Corporate Person (a copy will be accepted if notarized).
  • Original Certificate of Good Standing (issued by the Registrar of Companies in which jurisdiction the Corporate Person is incorporated to ensure existence and continuity of the Corporate Person) if the Corporate Person is more than two years old [copy will be accepted if notarized].
  • Copy of a valid Trade License issued by the Department of Economy & Development for the Corporate Person.
  • Copy of the Commercial Registration issued by the Department of Planning & Economy for the Corporate Person.
  • A document setting out the personal details (CV) of the individual shareholder(s). Valid passport copy of the individual shareholder(s).
  • Original Reference letter provided by the Bank for individual shareholder(s).
  • Specimen signature of the individual shareholder(s) [Template provided].
  • Passport-size photograph (with white background) of the individual shareholder(s).
  • Original Memorandum and Articles of Association of the parent company along with a list of the current Directors.
  • Shareholder (s) / Board Resolution of the parent company / Corporate Shareholder (s) (Notarized and Legalized) calling for the establishment of a Branch / LLC in Masdar City and guaranteeing full financial commitment.
  • Appointment of the Negotiator / Legal Representative (optional). Power of Attorney for the Manager (if not part of the Resolution) – Notarized and Legalized. Details of Directors
  • Valid Passport copy of the Director (s)
  • Specimen signature of the Director (s)
  • Passport-size photograph (with white background) of the Director (s).
  • Details of Managers
  • Valid Passport copy of the Manager.
  • NOC from the current Residency visa Sponsor of the Manager in the U.A.E. (if applicable).
  • Specimen signature of the Manager
  • Passport-size photograph (with white background) of the Manager.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What are the legal frameworks for entities to be established in Masdar CityFree Zone?
Foreigners in the UAE can have 100% ownership of their own business along with complete capital repatriation, when you setup in DMCC.
Masdar City Free Zone offers the following three legal frameworks:
•  Limited Liability Company – Corporate Shareholder
•  Limited Liability Company – Natural Shareholder
• A Branch of a Foreign / UAE company – Branch
What is the minimum capital required for establishing a company in Masdar City Free Zone?
There is no minimum capital requirement if you are setting up a branch of your company. However, for establishing an LLC, the minimum capital requirement is AED50,000 (US$13,623.97).
Do I need a local partner to invest in Masdar Free Zone?
No, 100 per cent foreign ownership is permitted in Masdar City Free Zone.
Is it possible to open a branch office of my free zone company outside the free zone?
Companies incorporated and registered in Masdar City Free Zone have their own legal identity and have the right to open branches outside the free zone subject to the approval of the concerned authorities.
Can I transfer my money outside the country freely?
Yes. Masdar City Free Zone allows unrestricted repatriation of capital and profits.
Can I sell my goods in the local market?
The licence issued by Masdar City Free Zone is valid for operating your business only inside the free zone. Goods can be sold in the local market through distributors or agents.
Can I have a licence from Masdar City Free Zone but operate from Dubai or another Emirate?
The licence issued by Masdar City Free Zone is valid for operating your business only inside the free zone. This licence cannot be used for setting up a business in any of the other Emirates. Goods may be sold to other Emirates through distributors.
What is the method of payment for facilities at Masdar City Free Zone?
Advance payment is required.
What are the activities allowed in Masdar City Free Zone?
All trading activities of specific products are allowed as long as they are not hazardous.
Is it necessary for businesses licensed by Masdar City Free Zone Authority to lease premises in your zone?
Commercial licences issued by Masdar City Free Zone Authority are subject to leasing a facility within Masdar City.
Do I have to employ UAE nationals in my business?
There is no compulsion to do so and you are free to hire staff from any country.
Can a Masdar City company enter into partnership with another body / entity to set up another company outside Masdar City?
As a legal entity, a Masdar City company can enter into partnership as a shareholder in another entity, whether inside or outside Masdar as permitted.
Can I establish a branch of my own company?
Yes, any company can establish a branch in Masdar City Free Zone.
Can I be a partner in more than one company?
There is no restriction on the number of businesses one person can be involved in.
Is there any corporate / income tax applied to the companies or to the individuals?
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What is the validity of the licence?
Licences are valid for a period of one year and are renewable on an annual basis.
How long does it take to register a company after submitting all legal documents and settling payment?
Registering a company will take two working days after submitting all legal documents and settling payment.
Can a company take a licence at Masdar City Free Zone without renting a facility?
No, a company must lease a facility in order to receive a licence.
How long does it take to set up a business through Masdar City Free Zone?
It takes an average of five days to set up a business once a completed licence application has been received.
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