Financial Due Diligence

Our financial due diligence service in UAE provides a comprehensive analysis of financial data to identify risks and opportunities. Our team of experts helps clients make informed investment decisions and mitigate potential risks.
As the name suggests, Financial due diligence (FDD) refers to undertaking a task with some degree of care and attention.
In all likelihood, financial due diligence is the most significant step in your business acquisition path. It provides an understanding of accounting matters and financial records that helps you determine your business’s true value. Due diligence is a comprehensive financial assessment performed by a potential investor to investigate a business opportunity and verify its value. The purpose is not to test the accuracy of financial statements, but to understand the company’s underlying risk and profit potential.
In short- a detailed financial risk assessment of an investment opportunity over a short period of time. It is not a compliance exercise, but an investigation of the opportunities the business can offer. A financial diligence review is also a cross-functional exercise that should be completed by an investor, prospective. It can require from a few minutes to several months depending on the complexity of the issue.
During the process of financial due diligence, our team of experts examine a company’s accounting data to ensure that it is reported accurately and fairly. Doing so helps you understand the health of the business on both an operational and financial level. It can identify possible inefficiencies or exaggerations in the accounting records as well as potential issues or concerns with the management team. Due diligence can also help determine your exit strategy if a company is facing serious financial problems, preventing you from being caught unawares by any major surprises.
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Financial Due Diligence: Why Does It Matter?
Any business investment, whether it’s in a startup, a new product line, or a merger, should involve financial due diligence. It is the analysis of an organization’s financial information by an outside party to confirm its accuracy and provide investors with insight into the company’s current operations.
Hereby an investor can ensure they have all the necessary information to make an informed decision. When buying or selling a company, it’s critical to understand the company’s financials—both good and bad. The “bad” things can often be harder to spot, especially if they’re the result of fraud or poor bookkeeping.
That’s why it’s so important to conduct financial due diligence before moving forward with your investment. This will help you identify overstatements in profit, fixed assets, receivables, inventory, and other areas that could cause you serious losses down the road.

Our Risk Management Services includes

Assess the current management’s ability to maintain financials.
Understand any outstanding balance sheet liabilities, such as taxes due and accounts payable.
Spot vendor/supply chain or key customer concentration risks.
Gain insights into potential revenue declines or major expenses that might be on the horizon.
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