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MSATC is a leading business advisory firm focused on providing services to ambitious entrepreneurs and businesses across the globe. Putting it simply, we are advisors to ambitious businesses, providing them with vital management services. We work with owners / entrepreneurs by assisting them in taking the best decisions in the process, bringing these decisions into action and deliver with sustainable successful results as they desire. For years, we’ve been passionate about achieving positive results for our clients, that will go beyond financial numbers that are uniquely tailored, pragmatic, holistic and enduring.

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Passion to Succeed!

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Passion to Create a Future!

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    Financial Forecasting and Planning


    Valuation and Due-diligence


    Private Placement Memorandum


    Transaction Advisory


    Development of Business Cases


    Feasibility Report , Project Report


    Business Planning – Constructing Plans and Critically Reviewing existing plans


    Financial Controls and Systems Development


    Fund Document and Fund Structuring

    Master every area in the industry

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    ‘’MSATC’s foundation is laid on strong values. MSians are driven by unbreakable passion, and we chase is vision that would make a positive impact in the world. For us, all of our stakeholders are important. We are committed to delivering value to each of them, leading towards the success of our companies, communities and the country.”

    Mohammed Shafeek

    Founder & CEO, MSATC


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