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Operational Audit is systematic process of evaluating an organization’s operational efficiency and effectiveness. On completion of Operational Auditing, the results of the evaluation and the recommendations for improvements will be reported to the management for action. It means that the internal auditor goes beyond financials controls into operating areas. It is focused to strengthen Organization’s operations and control mechanism for day to day operations. Operational Audit will help to identify points of non-conformity in procedure implementation. It will help the management to take corrective actions.


    How long does it take for the Operational Audit?

    This depends completely on the size of Operations.

    Unlike financial audit which focuses on the financial controls as they relate to reporting, Operational audit focus on review and assessment of a business process. So, the time taken for completion of operational audit is purely dependent on the number of processes related to operations of business. The more the operational audit is, the more is the business.

    How about the reporting & discussion?

    It won’t take longer. Seriously?

    Familiar with reporting? We’re sure it would be very helpful and accommodating to the Management. Operational Audit report provides in detail the observations, auditor’s recommendations to the reported observations, actions to be taken by the Management, responsibility of the process owner and the target date for the closure of the observation. This report is to be discussed with the Management and process owner in detail, so as to help Managers to evaluate and analyze the current effectiveness of a company’s operations while identifying areas of potential improvement. Because, we strongly believe good communication is still the best part of effective business, hence an elaborate discussion. But do not worry, we are just discussing your business, not the climate change.

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