Your trusted partner MSATC will now be under our parent brand MS. In the last 5 years, through the support of our clients we were able to truly tap into our potential. Even as we started off, we were certain that our journey would expand beyond MSATC, it was just our starting point. But the immense growth that MSATC experienced let us move on to our bigger plans in a short span of 5 years and we’re much obliged to everyone who has been a part of this journey so far.

The benchmark we have set for ourselves through our commitment to our clients and the quality of our services will be spearheading our transformation. Innovation has always been at the core of what we do, and with MS we will be combining the best of our brains with powerful technology to establish ourselves in new terrains.

We at MSATC earned the trust of our clients and other stake holders by committing to their success. We’ve always been customer centric and designed tailored solutions in the domains of advisory, accounting and bookkeeping, startup growth VAT, evaluation and many others. In our time serving our clients we recognized gaps in terms of affordable financial services that understands and caters the unique requirements of each business. In the same course of time, we’ve developed our expertise to fill this very gap. We’re all set to serve the growing demands of the dynamic business ecosystem in MENA.

Speaking about this new identity and rebranding our Chief growth officer Mr. Munawar Salih said “Today we are MS, leaping towards new horizons and its limitless possibilities. We’re still the same dedicated bunch who you’ve known and engaged with, MSians , who are now embracing a transformation that will facilitate delivering a lot more. With our rebranding we embark on this new journey to break ceilings and set new standards with your continued support. We look forward to the same love and support for MS as MSATC has received over the last 5 years. Challenges and opportunities are awaiting, and MS is ready.”

Get to know all about our new identity!

Since the beginning of the MS brand, the brand mark was constructed using 8 pillar that held up the V representing Victory at the centre. These pillars were teamwork, integrity, passion, humility and trust. These core elements were kept intact even during the rebranding of the identity. In the event of transforming MS into a parent company, building extended logo versions for the company also becomes relevant and is an integral part of brand identity.

By maintaining the consistency and integrity of the brand mark, a leaf shaped (Round diagonal corner) container is created around the brand mark to make it stand out in any placement. The shapes and cuts defined in the newly designed brand mark constructed brand mark was also followed while creating the word mark which makes their bonding stronger than before when placed together.

As MS becomes the parent company, defining extended versions  of logo while maintaining the core elements of the first logo  is also essential throughout the entire journey, hence we developed a well- balanced logo versions for representing the child companies and various sectors that come under MS.

Thank you for being part of our journey so far. We are delighted to be sharing this exciting news with you, and we have more excited news lined up in the coming days. Stay tuned for more!


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