After breathing in the energy of the booming business ecosystem in Abu Dhabi and the UAE day and night, we are all geared up to play a bigger part in the most crucial phase of Abu Dhabi’s growth story.

MS opens its new office this week at Abu Dhabi Global Market following our successful run of serving of our clients in the mainland. Our expansion into ADGM follows a growing demand for our services from various ADGM based entities. Now being part of one of the fastest growing and award-winning international financial center MS will serve a larger section offering our niche expertise to help achieve business and growth objectives.

MS will now be operating at ADGM square, Al Maryah Island to cater to our ADGM based client apart from continued operation in the mainland base office at the heart of the capital city.

MS ‘s philosophy of helping unleash the business potential in the region through our financial services while placing sustainability at the fore front closely resonates with ADGM’s commitment to establishing Abu Dhabi as a global leader in business development across industries.

This expansion of MS into ADGM is testimony to the result of determination, vision, and endurance. Our strong footing in the mainland, years of serving our diverse and growing clientele has instilled the confidence in us to best leverage this symbiotic relationship with ADGM.

Speaking about the new incorporation our founder and CEO Mr. Mohammed Shafeek said:

MS is proud to receive ADGM license, which will allow us to conduct multiple services offerings for business in ADGM. The ADGM is a leading global hub that drives innovation and is at the forefront of business development. We believe our presence in ADGM will enable us to strengthen our position in the UAE and the region. We are also growing our team to meet the diverse needs of clients. We’ll be offering a broader range of services, including technology and compliance-related work in addition to what we currently offer: advisory accounting & taxes! I am confident that we can better serve our existing clientele as well as grow into something even bigger and exciting-  taking off like wildfire.

While at ADGM, in addition to offering our various financial services, team MS focuses on:
– Enlightening the international community with the local financial compliance & free-zone specific Tax regulations.

-Adding immense value through financial literacy to budding firms and contribute refreshing sessions of financial & tax advisory, with a keen focus on young entrepreneurs.

– MS also strives to promote women entrepreneurs and add vital value to their growth in the region.

-Educating and assisting businesses to navigate the changing tax landscape in the country in light of the introduction of the new Corporate Tax regime.

Continuing our legacy in the mainland, MS is now ready for exponential growth at ADGM and as promised will leave a deep footprint in this exciting financial center.

Mr. Mohammed Rizwan will be the point of contact of our ADGM operations, his expertise and knowledge of the dynamic market, makes him an ideal confidante. Mr. Mohammed  would be happy to receive your queries at +97156 3997841, and alternatively you can also reach the team at [email protected] for further information or assistance.

About ADGM

ADGM is an international financial center and economic free-zone has played and continues to play a pivotal role in the exponential growth of Abu Dhabi. It is a dynamic space that represents the business attractiveness of the UAE, attracting major international players to set up at ADGM. It truly represents the potential this nation holds in terms of innovation and importantly also sustainability. It will set a global example and create history in various domain. We’re beyond thrilled to be part of this brilliant initiative.



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