Four years ago, the mission has just started taking its form, the vision taking its shape!

When the founder C A Mohammed Shafeek, left his tax and advisory-focused position at a UAE based conglomerate, it marked a new beginning. A new start of the passion and the knowledge. Dream – of not just the founder, but now of many. The beginning!

The company got all set to unleash the power within entrepreneurs and businesses, with one fierce objective: to enable ambitious and driven individuals succeed.

The company has now approached its fourth Anniversary, with all the grueling efforts, accompanied by the hard work to the core and compassion in its bones. The celebration is not of one big achievement, but it’s a collection of achievements of all the businesses that we’ve helped shape, grow, change.

When the company grabbed a number of awards in the industry in UAE and multiplied in size expanding the client base, that’s not it. The company has equally celebrated the joyous victory of its clients, with the business acumen the company passed on, with the right decisions at the right time and with the impactful insights the clients have achieved in the last four years – The spark in their eyes is counted and treasured at M S Accounting and Tax Consultancy.

Our pace was defined by the pace with which we understood the client requirements and our ability to empathize. Clients always came first, if you know us, you know – we are truly obsessed with them!

The right team was built, leaders fed with passion, and employees gruelled with best training. It is always the satisfaction of the staff and employees. If they have found us, we have also found them! – A fabulous team.

As we reflect today, the challenges weren’t small, the growth wasn’t minimal, and so is the joy we share with the clients, directors and employees – it is tremendous!

MSATC is all about unlocking and unleashing the business force that can help you to break through any limit and create the quality of business that you desire and deserve.

We have planned it unique, executed it with a touch of innovation, and that’s the charm of the four years we have held high!

Humble beginnings kept us grounded and yet watching the limit beyond the sky. As we look forward to unparalleled success and unrivaled corporate services, on this fourth anniversary, we still count this as the beginning. Beginning of more to come, of the big vision with big dreams!

As we celebrate Four and we count for more to come, we urge you to dream more for your business!


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