MSATC is officially announced as the Industry Partner at Abu Dhabi SME HUB – A Khalifa Fund Initiative (Govt. of Abu Dhabi). The collaboration aims to empower entrepreneurs in the UAE to help SMEs and startups scale their business through upskilling in financial literacy and Tax knowledge. The time has come for us to continually prove to our clients and followers what we are capable of, not merely with our work but in making meaningful positive impacts on the lives of budding entrepreneurs and the changing ecosystem around us.

UAE has been paving the way for emerging business world that the whole ecosystem is eager to explore, by embracing budding entrepreneurs and startups.

We understand that there is a gap of guidelines and specific plans for dreaming entrepreneurs to hold on to this competitive ecosystem. Hence, we are teaming up with ADSME Hub to sail along a dynamic and exciting period of growth and change, where innovation and entrepreneurship combine. Together, we’re working to answer your accounting and tax-related queries and make your business journey easier!

The partnership between MSATC & ADSME HUB aims to:

  • Identify the opportunities for further business developments, initiatives and innovations that could make a big difference in their business structure.
  • Provide successful entrepreneurs with a supportive environment to expand their financial and business knowledge, gain advice from seasoned entrepreneurs, and contribute to the industry in which they operate.
  • Share business opportunities and work on improving the academic and industry interface in supporting innovation and entrepreneurship through a vast number of activities and solutions offered by ADSME HUB and MSATC.

MSATC always looks forward to unleashing the business potential among each entrepreneur to bring in their best. We prioritize going beyond profits and creating a sustainable ecosystem for SMEs to thrive in.

Team MSATC is moving ahead, leaving gestures behind!


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