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If you are in search for that lead accountant, that strategic planner, that expert evaluator, that solid technological, analytical, management skills and much more, read ahead:

Your business is thriving, and revenue is coming in, but there are questions about your future amongst all the growth and prosperity you see. You wonder what to do about financial decisions like, are you pricing correctly? Is it time to recruit more workforce? Which resource of yours need more investment?
You have got the cash flow, but should you spend the money? If the time is right to, how much? Which clients or customers are contributing to the success and in what services or product? What marketing strategy will deliver the most ROI and boost growth?
Several questions like these will run through your mind, which is quite challenging to tackle for some businesses. Successful companies need to look beyond just selling more products and recruiting extra employees.

The financial controller service is an assured catalyst for steering and directing the company towards the major goals!

The financial controller service offered by MS provides an essential management tool for the decision-making process. With profit maximization, market segmentation and goodwill retention taken into consideration, we offer you and the management team the right insight to deliver the planned result in both short and long-term perspectives.
With our financial controller services, your company will gain direct access to top-level experts with the expertise and financial acumen to help you meet the goals of your business. Our team is working closely with you to provide the correct level of support for your current operations.

Business owners should be engaging a financial controller for the following benefits: Clarification of financial reporting and to keep businesses on track.

MS provides useful insight and clarity about business operations and performance, where financial structures and procedures are more complex. Monthly reconciliations are just not enough at all to give an accurate picture of your business, and there may be a high risk of financial misstatements.
As a qualified controller, we can enforce appropriate accounting principles, analyzing suitable KPIs for your business and ensure consistency of monthly and annual financials of your company.


Reduced risk of fraud

Risk of fraud is no new spectacle in the business world. Although the sole responsibility for due diligence and management rests with company owners, outsourcing to a financial controller mitigates risk with expertise and by even having the duties segregated. The financial controller performs monitoring and reporting tasks, who are not the same individuals that have authorization or spending powers which in turn minimizes the fraud intensity.

Ensuring compliance with the rules and regulation

We know tax and financial regulations in the UAE can be complicated and overwhelming at times, and many business owners lack the technical knowledge needed to make sure they are compliant. A central component of the role of a financial controller is to maintain compliance with the rules and regulations of UAE, as well as to meet financial institutions’ requirements. Although businesses without the right exposure or experience may think they can survive without this form of help, the reality is that the fines for non-compliance can be detrimental to the company.

Business growth guidance

We will work with your management as a team to anticipate the foremost needs at each point of your business development.

Project-based consultancy

MS provides Project-based consultancy right from the theoretical stage of certain concepts through the commissioning stage and at every point of the business’ project.


Interim and flexible service

Our financial controller service is also available on an interim basis, where financial management and our functional and business expertise will assist and generate distinct results at all times.


Most of the small businesses would have experienced a lack of separation or segregation of duty between departments.

When employees work close by the accounting department, the chances to pass on the confidential information in the wrong hands is highly possible. If this occurs, highly sensitive information could be let out, affecting the company.

Our outsourcing financial controller service is customized based on your needs, the market you are working in, and the skills you require!

Whether you need temporary support to help your company remain strong through transitional times, or if you are searching for a permanent solution, we can provide the right answers and strategies that will allow you to concentrate more on your core business functions.

A Financial Controller’s Duty, Which You Can Rightfully Look Up to:

➤ Regular budget consolidation and Forecasting

 Cash flow management and projections

➤ Management of bookkeeping and accounting processes


➤ Boost efficiencies and cut costs around the company

➤ Inventory tracking and job costing

➤ Oversight and reporting month-end closings

➤ Key metrics benchmarking

 Payroll processing

➤ High quality of financial reporting and analysis

 Developing financial reviews investment advisory

 Advisory services and audit preparation

➤ Accounting documentation including procedures and processes

➤ Stakeholder management

➤ Ensuring compliance with statutory law and financial regulations

MSians have a distinctive way of executing things! And we believe that is what forces us to stand out.

The Financial Controller service provided by MS enables you to still have control of your finance function whilst knowing that we are here to provide additional experience and expertise!

I would like help with my business strategy


Here are just a few ways our Financial controller service can help you.


Additional experience and expertise for your business.


Bespoke Service for each client.


Finance function oversight.


Outsourcing solutions.


Financial data review.


On site service if needed.


Monthly management accounts.


VAT returns.

‘’We build a bespoke service for our clients. Whether they want to advance an idea, a capability, or the world at large, MS is with you every step of the way.”

Mohammed Shafeek

Founder & CEO, MS

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