FD On Demand

You can’t imagine what impact a financial director could have on your business’s growth. It’s huge.

Don’t you think, they are, after all, pivotal in the management of your money. It’s their job to make sure it’s used strategically and effectively. Not yours to be honest.

We’ve a good news for you! That you don’t have to employ a full-time Financial Director to benefit from their expertise. The clever thing for any entrepreneur to do is to outsource it, which is where we come in. Our Financial Director on Demand service offers you all the experience and expertise of a full-time FD, but at a fraction of the cost.

Geared solely towards your business’ needs and goals, you’ll benefit from invaluable business advice with one end in mind – your business’ success, growth and efficiency. And that’s our word.

Alongside this service we also offer Financial Controller (FC) on Demand. This role sits between the FD role and your internal accounts team. So get ready to tie up with the best.

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My business needs senior finance support.


Here are just a few ways our FD on demand service can help you


Support business decision-making.


Work with the director(s) to develop the business’ strategy, goal setting and milestone tracking.


Review progress and support the business’ and directors’ personal tax planning.


Provide specialist input if your business requires additional funding or reorganization.


Prepare and/or review management accounts, analysis and commentary.


Assist in the preparation or detailed review of financial forecasts, budgets and business plans.


Liaise on behalf of the business with outside organizations, including the company’s bankers.


Manage or assist the implementation of cost saving/restructuring programs.


Review existing remuneration packages for staff members.


Provide advice and guidance on financial systems, controls, policies and procedures


Perform share and business valuations.


Advise on the structure and recruitment of the finance team within the business.

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‘’We build a bespoke service for our clients. Whether they want to advance an idea, a capability, or the world at large, MS is with you every step of the way.”

Mohammed Shafeek

Founder & CEO, MS