CBC Reporting (OECD)

Businesses will be required to provide FTA with visibility over their global operations.

UAE decided to undertake certain tax reforms to strengthen the UAE’s international position and enhance its cooperation with the international community with regard to the exchange of information for tax purposes. The Ministry of Finance (MoF) signed a multilateral competent authority agreement (MCAA) on the exchange of Country-by-Country reports (CbCR) under the Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) Inclusive Framework. UAE has committed to implement certain BEPS minimum standards in which Action 13 is Transfer Pricing documentation and Country-by-Country Reporting. This will be a significant step for multinational enterprises (MNE’s) to optimize their operating structures and understand additional compliance and reporting standards.

In this context, what a team like ours can do is to help you are developing strategy and policy to recognize key CbCR risk areas and estimate your organizational readiness for the regulation. We will help you in optimizing governance and assist your business with the practical implementation of standards and system. You have to believe that every single organization is different, which is why we offer bespoke financial solutions to all our clients.

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    Transfer Pricing Solutions

    What our Transfer Pricing does.

    MSATC Transfer Pricing helps companies implement economically supportable transfer prices, document policies & respond to challenges.

    Transfer Pricing is arguably the most important tax issues faced by international companies and tax administrations.

    This MSATC Tax Advisor will examine the principles of transfer pricing and its practical application by companies based in the MENA Region.

    You want tax advisory session with our experts?

    By the end of MSATC Tax Advisory, participants will:

    Understand the importance and principles of international transfer pricing in their professions.


    Evaluate transactions of international cross border exchange of good, services and intangibles.


    Identify the significance of a unified international political approach through the BEPS project.


    Appreciate the focus of Government on transfer pricing in the Middle East and North Africa.


    Proactively comply and implement processes and policies with future anticipated regulations.

    What will you learn with our advisors?

    MSATC Tax Advisor will cover the latest international transfer pricing rules and its impact in the Middle East and North Africa.

    You should know that the impact of transfer pricing in the MENA region until recently in the Middle East and North Africa region did not consider transfer pricing as a high priority on their government agendas.

    However, the significant international emphasis on the BEPS project (Base Erosion Profit Shifting) has encouraged governments across the MENA region to consider updating their legislation.

    BEPS project was commissioned by the G20 and coordinated by the OECD in 2008 which has highlighted transfer pricing issues and become top priority with fiscal authorities and politicians worldwide when dealing with international intercompany cross border commercial transactions between their countries and others.

    Specifically, Saudi and Egypt have introduced revised legislation which presents several tax and legal challenges for multinational enterprises operating in this region. In view of the above, multinational enterprises and government organizations should proactively prepare to manage the challenges arising when aligning with revised transfer pricing rules.

    How We Help Clients?

    MSATC help groups manage their transfer pricing issues by:

    Designing and developing economically supportable transfer pricing policies


    Helping manage risk within the current tax environment of detailed transfer pricing regulations, strict documentation requirements, sophisticated audit practices, and significant penalties for non-compliance with an objective perspective which provides consistency when analysing and documenting intra-group transactions.


    Developing and implementing policies, procedures, and systems for setting, monitoring, and documenting intra-group transactions, including assistance with country by country reporting.


    Assistance with transfer pricing disputes, including assistance with advance pricing agreements, competent authority negotiations, arbitration, and litigation support.

    We have got a specialist transfer pricing team. And this team helps us look beyond borders and understand the nuances of different national tax regulations.

    For more information on how MSATC’s transfer pricing services practice can help with your global transfer pricing, feel free to contact us. +971 50 639 99 024

    Specific transfer pricing areas that will include:

     Introduction and importance to multinational groups and tax administrations

    OECD guidelines, the BEPS project and approach in the MENA region

    Legislative framework in the MENA region.

    Arm’s length principle: Concept of comparability and the transfer pricing methods.

    Transfer pricing documentation: Content, purpose, guidelines, master and local file, country by country reporting.

    Transfer pricing dispute avoidance and resolution.

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