Book Keeping Services in Abudhabi, UAE

Are you sure, what you feel about your business, is what’s real? 

Pre-booked expenses, advance income, provision for depreciating, accrued revenue. We know, these are not the things you should be cracking your heads on. 

We know – You have an endless list of tasks to accomplish. Managing your books shouldn’t be one of them. We are particular about that!

Having all your transactions organized is the most important task in a business. Every stakeholder of your business is interested in looking at your company’s financial statements. Opting for Professional accounting and bookkeeping services in Abu Dhabi, UAE can help you run your business smoothly and efficiently. Bookkeeping services may offer some crucial insight into your business’s financial situation. It may be positive or negative insight, but either way it is valuable information you may have missed otherwise!


    The key advantages of outsourcing

    your Bookkeeping Services would be:



    MS believes accuracy is a matter of proper bookkeeping practice. It is important to stay ahead of the game with the latest accounting technologies, as well as working as a team to validate and analyze your business position.

    We do the following to ensure accuracy:

    • Maintain records of accounting transactions and evaluate results efficiently.
    • Perform reconciliation on a timely basis.
    • Perform regular analysis on accounting issues and resolve it efficiently.
    • Accurate bookkeeping records should be a top priority, and by working with a firm who has the expertise, you can avoid errors or failures such as:
    • Misclassifying expenses – Incorrect Chart of accounts.
    • Improper or poor record keeping.
    • Not reconciling bank accounts.
    • Failing to maintain backups.
    • Bad petty cash management.

    Cost - Effective

    Outsourced bookkeeping services proves to be cost-efficient as you do not have to add another employee to the payroll and bear the expenses of payroll taxes and other employee benefits.
    You will also save the time and cost that goes into managing the books, or the time required to hire and train a bookkeeper, and deal with employee turnover.
    As we ensure our clients will be benefited out of the cost savings, let us also highlight, the fact that, it is assured without reducing the quality.

    Saving your valuable time

    The less time you have to spend on accounting tasks, the more time you can spend growing your business. Outsourcing the accounting and bookkeeping services help you to focus your time and resources on developing business strategies. You can focus on boosting up revenue and profits, as well as networking and building relationships with your customers.

    Provides Expert Services

    MS comprises a team of proficient and skilled people who contribute to excellent services in accounting and bookkeeping. We deal with clients coming from various industries and we also understand that the client’s needs are always diverse and dynamic. MS is prepared at all times to meet the client’s requirements and keep them satisfied.


    Business Scaling

    One of the toughest challenges faced by business owners is figuring out the process of scaling a business. There are two important things to consider before scaling a business and that is understanding the current structure of the business and their future objectives for the business.

    MS understands the different scalable activities a business needs to achieve and ensure to put in place a systematic process in order to help clients achieve these activities. Our team has the required skills and expertise suited for each role.



    MS looks upon all such statutory and legal requirements. We assist compliance check in tax preparation and bookkeeping for our clients.

    ​We would ensure your business is compliant with emerging regulations such as Economic Substance and VAT reporting using experts that are fully in tune with your growth path.

    Online Bookkeeping Services, Abu Dhabi, UAE

    We provide a range of specialized online bookkeeping services, Abu Dhabi, UAE which includes:

    1. Ensuring the chart of accounts is used as per business structure and management requirement.

    Having the right chart of accounts for an expense is important because having too many of them can lead to incorrect account usage, immaterial balances and it also makes the audit process even longer.

    2. Bank reconciliation.

    We can ensure an error free books of accounts with increased accuracy and avoidance of miscalculations.

    3. Helping clients on inventory management.

    We provide a detailed analysis of inventory in and out and advice how to manage inventory better to keep the costs in control.

    4. Evaluation of financial statement.

    We analyze our client’s performance over a specific period compare the financial statements from the previous period and draw the management’s attention to the most important numbers.

    5. Closing accounts in a timely manner.

    Booking of all entries before closing the book of accounts which includes including accrual, depreciation, prepaid expenses.

    6. Management Reports

    We provide Management reports to help our clients make better business critical decisions.

    Growing businesses often start with smaller needs but rapidly grow to require a full suite of bookkeeping services.
    We know you’ve got a business to run and targets to achieve, so our approach to sorting out your company accounts is refreshingly no-nonsense. Share your visons and mission with us and let’s together work on that!