VAT Implementation & Compliance

VAT is likely to significantly affect every G C C business (especially U A E ) in some way
Procurement and Production
Supplier Pricing
A/P invoice processing time
Purchases from non-registered VAT businesses
Supplier education
System Changes
Reports for VAT Returns
Sales and Marketing
Pricing Strategy
Returned goods
Payment based on revenue or turnover
( such as franchise or royalty arrangement )
Deposits / Payments
Leases and hire purchase
VAT return preparation
Getting it right can save you money, getting it wrong can be very costly. With the ever widening scope of VAT and developing regulations, VAT can be notoriously complicated.
Are you ready ? We are ready !

M S Accounting and Tax Consultancy can provide a complete range of services to address all elements of VAT implementation and ongoing compliance.
We add value by
Simplify the complicated and extends complete support for VAT implementation.
Prompt consultancy on developing statutory rules and compliance
Corporate training
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